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Meet the Owner


My name is Laura, and I love being tan, and looking my best, who doesn’t? I also love and respect my body, and want to keep it looking and feeling great as long as possible! Around age 25, I decided I was over lying in the sun with baby oil on, looking good short term, but then feeling foolish for screwing up my skin, and putting myself at risk for not only cosmetic damage, like wrinkles and spots, but also risking scarier things like skin cancer.

Once I found out my brown skinned, dark eyed,  younger sister Vanessa had developed skin cancer on her upper back at the age of twenty I was done! I thought, wow, it could happen to me too. She had never even laid in a tanning booth in her life, but didn’t wear sunscreen regularly, and liked hanging out at the beach and pool.
I was then looking for alternatives…how could I be tan without the risk?
I tried the self tanning lotions, and foams, but the results were streaky, I got dark patches, missed spots, and depending on the brand, I could end up looking a yellowish, or orange. Not very hot, and kind of embarrassing.  I found spray tanning, and had much better luck with that! The only problem was that I had to go 25 miles away to get to a place where someone did a decent job of it. I wanted to share the tanning success I had with everyone! Yay! A way to get the hot tan, without the bad stuff. The best of both worlds! Hot Brazil was born!

I strive to give my clients the most beautiful brown color, absolutely even, the most natural looking tan possible. I make it affordable, so that you can maintain the color you love, without being tempted to harm your skin, and health with damaging UV rays.  I know you will love our service, and I invite you to come treat yourself!